Waterfront Station – Office Space

This office space was purchased in February 2013 by SDC. This property is in a prime waterfront location. This is the single largest investment by SDC. The penthouse purchased by SDC P 2390.70 sq. ft.

This property is currently available for lease.

Titanium Way – SelkirkĀ Building

This property has been purchased through a joint venture with Northern Vision Development. It is located in the new Titanium Way business park.

This is the current home of the SDC office but is available for lease.

Black Street Building

The Berksa and Kulhini buildings are 100% First Nation owned in partnership with Other First Nation Development Corporations.

The building was recently renewed on a 10 year lease.

Titanium Way Lots

SDC recently purchased two waterfront properties in the Titanium Way business park. These two lots are right across from the new SDC office building. Contact our office to discuss development opportunities.

Calcite Office

This property was purchased in 2006. The Calcite Office is located on 151 Industrial road in the building with the red roof. Upon purchase, SDC renovated the entire space.


A separate portion of this office is currently available for lease.